4 Things To Keep In Mind When Purchasing New Tires This Spring

Posted on: 14 March 2016

If you need to purchase new tires this spring for your vehicle, make sure that you keep the following four things in mind as you go through the tire-purchasing process.

#1 Check Out The Shape Of Your Car Before Getting New Tires

Before you get new tires put on your vehicle, really inspect the old tires. Do any of your tires show significantly more wear than your other tires? Are any of your tires more worn out on the inside edge? Are any of your tires worn out more on the outside edge? 

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, you'll want to have your car checked out. You should have alignment or suspension issues that you will want to address before putting on new tires. If you put on new tires without addressing these issues, your new set of tires will also wear unevenly and will most likely shorten the life-expectancy of your new set of tires. 

#2 Check Out Your Wheels

You should also check out your wheels, or rims, before purchasing new tires. Although your wheels can last a long time, it is not uncommon for wheels to become damaged and bent over time. This damage can occur naturally from hitting bumps and potholes on the road while you drive. 

If your rims are bent, it can cause your tires to wear unevenly. It can also cause your vehicle to shake slightly and not drive as smoothly on the road.

If your rims are damaged, you may want to purchase a new set of rims and have them installed at the same time you purchase a new set of tires. Doing this at the same time can cut down your overall installation costs verses having new wheels and tires put on separately. 

#3 Inspect Your Spare Tire

When purchasing new tires, you should also check your spare tire. If it is damaged, this is a great time to have it fixed. 

If your vehicle uses a full-size space, you can potentially save the old tire that you are taking off your vehicle that is in the best condition and replace your current spare tire. You should only do this if your old tires are in better condition than your spare tire. 

#4 Purchase An Entire New Set Of Tires

It is best to replace your entire set of tires at the same time. Replacing all of your tires at once will ensure that your driving experience is smooth. Having matching tires will give you the best overall handling experience and will keep you safe on the road. Over time, it will also allow you to identify issues with your vehicle based on how all of your tires wear out. 

The next time you purchase new tires for your vehicle, make sure you pay attention to what your old tires are telling you about the condition that your vehicle is in and fix any issues that affect your tires before getting a new set put on. 

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