How To Save Money On New Tires

Posted on: 9 November 2015

Purchasing new tires for your vehicle can seem like a real pain to do. After all, no one wants to spend their hard earned money on something like new tires. However, buying new tires when you need them is important and should never be avoided. Because of this, you will want to know of a few ways that you can save on purchasing new tires for your vehicle:

​​Purchase Tires at the Right Time:

Tire sales tend to happen right before the winter season and right before summer. This is because tire companies want to encourage people to buy new tires before the weather changes. When the weather changes, the road conditions change. You will need to have good tires that can withstand the new conditions on the road without any issues. So, be sure that you are looking into the tire sales in your area during these times of year. 

Purchase the Right Size:

Always be sure that you are purchasing the right size tires for your vehicle. You can check what size tires you need by looking in your owner's manual. If you buy tires that are too big for your vehicle, then you are going to be spending more money on the purchase of the tires, as well as the amount of gas you need to put in your vehicle each month. This is because larger tires reduce your MPG. 

Purchase What You Need:

When you go to purchase tires, you are going to have many specialty options that you can choose from if needed. Be sure that you don't purchase specialty tires, though, if you don't really need them. For example, if you don't spend a great deal of time going off-roading, then you won't need to buy off-road tires, which will cost you more money. 

Maintain the Tires: 

After you purchase tires, be sure that you are maintaining the tires as best as you can. This will help to ensure that you are getting the most miles out of the tires before you need to replace them again. You should have a tire gauge in your car at all times so that you can check tire pressure regularly, and you should be receiving regular tire rotations. Tire rotations are important because this is going to change the side on which wear and tear is occurring, thus ensuring that the wear and tear are even. 

By knowing how to save money on new tires, you can be sure that you aren't spending too much on something that you don't really look forward to buying when you need it.